The 50 million vehicles produced underline the strength and experience of Peugeot, a pioneer since 1891.

In 1891 Peugeot started as a family business with its factories in Sochaux. Currently Peugeot owns 24 production sites, has sold more than 160 models and 34 families of products and can now proudly claim to have build over 50 million vehicles. Peugeot has spread from France into all corners of the world including China, Brazil and Russia.

Of course 117 years of doing business has not gone without its share of success and innovation, a trend Peugeot hopes to maintain in the future. Noteworthy innovations include their first four-cylinder engine on the Type 39 in 1902 and the more recent Particulate Emissions Filter, partly responsible for 40% of private Peugeot cars emitting less than 130 g/km of CO2.

Peugeot's near future is looking good with a dream coming true in the Peugeot RC Z, a sporty 308 derivative which is set to conquer Europe in 2010.

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