Plymouth Barracuda

An outstanding sales success in the specialty compact class last year, Barracuda features new front and rear styling for 1971. The 'Cuda has racy lines and powerplanta to continue its leadership as a performance car.  

Six Barracuda models are offered in three series.  The standard Barracuda has three models -- a sports coupe, hardtop and convertible.  The luxurious Grand Coupe is available as a hardtop and the performance 'Cuda comes in hardtop ad convertible models.

Eight engines are available in the 'Cuda line, two six-cylinder power plants and six V-8s.  All of the standard engines are capable of running on regular gasoline.  The 198 cubic inch six is rated at 125 horse power; the 225 six at 145.  The 198 engine is the standard six in the Barracuda sports coupe while the 225 standard six is standard in the hardtop and convertible.

The 318 horse power V-8, rated at 230 horse power, is the standard V-8 in all but the 'Cude performance series.

Two 383 cubic inch V-8's are available in two-barrel and four-barrel versions, both using regular gasoline.  The two-barrel is rated at 225 horse power, the four-barrel at 300.

The 'Cuda performance series offers the lightweight 340 V-8; the 440 cubic inch six-barrel V-8, and the 426 hemi as optional engines.  The 340 is rated at 275 horse power, the 440 six-barrel at 385, and the hemi at 425.  The three performance engines use premium fuel.

Sources: Plymouth press and Barrett-Jackson

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