Peugeot Flux Concept

After the Flux car design project was awarded winner of the 4th edition of Peugeots Design Contest, the team at Peugeots Style Center began creating a full scale model of the winning project, in close relationship with its author, Miha Panatescu.

In addition, the project is in the process of being crafted virtually for inclusion in Project Gotham Racing 4, the racing game developed by Bizarre Creations exclusively for Microsofts Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system.

The Flux project won after a selection period, which inspired the creation of 4,029 projects that came from 113 countries.

The Flux project will be replicated to full scale and presented in Peugeots booth for the Frankfurt Auto show in September 2007. Starting in March is essential since it allows the teams in Peugeots Style Center and Microsoft Game Studios to capture the project and have a design that is true to the authors vision and spirit, in terms of realistic handling and driving sensations.

Project Gotham Racing 4 is an exclusive Xbox 360 title and will be the latest installment from Bizarre Creations beloved racing franchise.

Source: Peugeot press

Peugeot Flux Concept