Peugeot HYmotion3 Compressor Concept

Occupying a half-way house between the world of the scooter and the car, the HYmotion3 compressor is a highly original proposal designed to facilitate urban mobility. Attractive thanks to its dynamic, streamlined and futuristic style; it is an interesting concept combining numerous benefits (size, safety and comfort) with ''HYmotion'' hybrid/petrol technology. This new generation technology creates a three wheel drive vehicle, benefiting safety and drivability and combining economy with an environmentally-friendly specification (CO2 emissions of only 47 g/kph in the combined cycle, zero in electric only mode).

The HYmotion3 compressor concept is a means of transport with no affiliation to a particular type of vehicle. With its three wheels and its streamlined body, it is something of a missing link between two worlds which to date are quite distinct: that of the scooter and that of the car. With an electric motor in each of its two front wheels, coupled at the rear with a petrol engine, it brings into play very innovative hybrid technologies allowing each of its wheels to provide motive power.

In a world of intensifying urban traffic where everyone is trying to save time, where oil prices are skyrocketing and the environment is more than ever a priority, design departments are vying in ingenuity to develop solutions for the future.

The vehicle's petrol engine has a power output of 15 kW (20 bhp). It is the supercharged 125 cc engine featured in the Peugeot Satelis scooter, this modern engine is widely acclaimed for its performance in its market segment.

In addition to this method of propulsion, the vehicle also has another mode of traction. Two electric motors, one in each wheel, are present at the front of the vehicle. With a power of 2 x 3 kW, they are powered by ''lithium-ion'' batteries and recharged by an energy recovery system which operates during deceleration and braking.

Another system contributing to the vehicle's efficiency is the STOP & START system. This system switches the petrol engine to standby mode during stop phases (at a red traffic light or a stop sign, in queuing traffic, etc.) or when the vehicle is being driven in electric only mode. This allows significant gains in terms of fuel consumption and emissions, particularly in dense traffic conditions. It also allows the petrol engine to be restarted instantaneously and ''transparently'' for the driver when necessary. Note that when being driven in electric only mode, the HY motion 3 compressor is ideally suited to city use since it generates no CO2 emissions or pollutants and is silent in operation.

To tackle the problem of greenhouse gas emissions, and with the prospect of fuel prices rising ever higher, Peugeot has made the reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions a key facet of its product policy, both with regard to motor cars and motorcycles.

Source: Peugeot press

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