Peugeot Prologue HYmotion4 Concept

Derived from the fusion of different worlds, the Peugeot Prologue HYmotion4 concept car lifts a corner of the veil on a new type of cross-over. Anticipating future trends, this concept is a formidable laboratory of innovative ideas at many different levels: its architecture, its style, its interior ambience, its modularity, its original high-tech equipment, and also the next generation HDi FAP hybrid technology called "HYmotion4" including 4 wheel drive. With a diesel engine driving the front wheels and an electric motor powering the rear wheels, this spacious yet compact 147 kW (200 bhp) car generates a particularly low level of CO2 emissions: 109 g/km in the combined cycle, or zero in electric only mode!

The Peugeot Prologue HYmotion4 concept car proposes innovative, high-performance solutions all ensuring maximum versatility. It offers a unique blend of drivability, safety, adventure and originality, while at the same time showing respect for the environment. An environmentally-friendly hybrid, in step with the times and aligned with the aspirations of its many potential customers.

In terms of new concepts, Peugeot has always been a hugely creative car manufacturer. In the recent past, this has resulted in numerous concept cars with avant-garde architectures, as well as innovations which were later adopted on production vehicles. All these concepts, however, were clearly aimed at users in search of driving pleasure and the very best that technology has to offer. The creativity of stylists and engineers has always given rise to strong, modern and distinctive concepts in the Peugeot range, offering multiple benefits in terms of motoring enjoyment and day-to-day practicality. Examples include the CC (coupe + cabriolet), the SW (intelligence and brightness in the world of the estate), or the 307 and 308 (modern hatchbacks with a semi-tall architecture).

Convinced that the future of the motor car will necessarily involve the hybridization of many different concepts, and helped in this by technological innovations, Peugeot teams are currently working on an innovative vehicle destined to conquer new markets. The Peugeot Prologue HYmotion4 concept car perfectly illustrates this approach.

Alert to global sociological and economic trends, the Peugeot Prologue HYmotion4 concept car anticipates the expectations and preferences of potential customers. These customers will be aware of world issues but also anxious to preserve their achievements and values. By positioning itself at the point of convergence of several existing body shapes, therefore combining the numerous benefits of each style, this concept car explores new territory, proposing a modern and versatile offer with a high level specification based on advanced technology.

At the front, the Peugeot genes adapt to the car's generous volumes while setting it apart from what has gone before. The streamlined front headlamps immediately call to mind a renewed, dynamic and reassuring expressiveness. The single air intake helps create the effect of a high-status off-roader, with a front grille reminiscent of the world of the SUV. The lower front panel strengthens this "off road" appeal with its black lacquered bumper following the contours of the lights.

From the side, the rising window line has an upper section enhanced by chrome. This accentuates the imposing height of the waist line and, thanks to the majestic 18'' wheels and sculpted wings, contributes to the strong sense of robustness which spreads through the entire vehicle.

At the rear, the attractively rounded wings are molded to the shape of rear lights, here given a particularly hi-tech finish. The originality of this design adds to the perception that the vehicle is firmly planted on the road. Here too, the presence of a "hobby" tailgate and large black protective moldings in the lower section, illustrate the "Outdoor" spirit of this concept car.

The Peugeot Prologue HYmotion4 concept car incorporates an incredibly innovative power train: HYmotion4 technology.

This name represents the hybridization of a traditional engine (a 2.0 litre HDi FAP with a power of 120 kW / 163 bhp) with an electric motor offering a maximum capacity of 27 kW (37 bhp). This unit is characterized by an original mechanical layout, since the HDi engine is situated in its usual place under the bonnet and drives the front wheels, while the electric motor, placed at the rear under the boot floor, drives the rear wheels.

Therefore, there are no mechanical components between the front and the rear, everything being controlled electronically ("by wire"), allowing optimisation of space in the passenger compartment.

The end result is a 4-wheel drive vehicle offering reduced fuel consumption in the combined cycle of 4.1 litres/100 km and CO2 emissions of 109 g/km!

None of which detracts from the car's performance, since with a maximum power of 147 kW (200 bhp) and a maximum torque of 300 Nm at the front and 200 Nm at the rear, acceleration and in-gear acceleration are at the level of what could be obtained with a single 2.2 litre HDi FAP dual-turbo engine.

Source: Peugeot press

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