Peugeot 107

From Peugeot press: The Peugeot 107 is designed for urban driving, and at Just 3.43 m long and 1.63 m wide, the 107 is one of the shortest 4-seat hatchbacks available. Its small 9.46 m turning circle diameter between two curbs makes it very easy to maneuver and particularly suited to urban environments. Its large windscreen and windows provide high visibility to the driver.

The CO2 emissions of the Peugeot 107’s petrol engine (5-speed manual gearbox) are reduced to only 106 g/km, making it one of the most environmentally friendly vehicles in its class. The 3-cylinder, 12-valve Petrol engine has a maximum power of 50 kW (68 bhp). Remarkably economical, it achieves 62.7 MPG (see table below for details) on a combined cycle.

The 107 can be fitted with a choice of five-speed manual gearbox for the Petrol and Diesel versions or 2 Tronic piloted gearbox for the Petrol version. In this fully automated mode, the gears are changed without any action on the part of the driver, offering the comfort of automatic operation. A simple action on the lever allows the driver to take back the initiative for the gear changes at any time, by switching to sequential mode.

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