Peugeot 508 SW

Quality, purity, efficiency... the Peugeot 508 embodies the Marque's new expression in the segment of grand touring cars. Available in two body styles, Saloon and SW, the Peugeot 508 will be marketed in Europe from the beginning of 2011. With the 508, Peugeot reaffirms its presence and its ambitions in one of its traditional strong suits, the grand touring car segment.

Environmental efficiency was a pivotal concern from the very start of the project with, initially, optimization of the car's aerodynamics, and a weight reduction compared to the 407). Under the bonnet, the Peugeot 508 benefits from engines offering a power output from 82 to 150 kW (112 to 204 bhp). Each one is positioned particularly well in its category, both in respect of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, but also in terms of performance and responsiveness. This range, which begins with CO2 emissions of 109 g/km with the new e-HDi system, will eventually include HYbrid4 technology with its potential of 147 kW (200 bhp) and 4 wheel drive, starting from just 99 g/km of CO2. The top-of-the-range engine at the time of launch is the new 2.2 liter HDi FAP 150 kW (204 bhp) offering a level of performance worthy of a diesel V6 but with a carbon footprint reduced by more than 30%.

The Peugeot 508 ushers in the era of e-HDi technology for the Marque, a new-generation STOP & START. Rapid, efficient and silent, e-HDi combines reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions (up to - 15% in town) with maximum driveability, an innovation for this type of system. It is mated with the 1.6 liter HDi FAP engine coupled with the electronically-controlled 6-speed manual gearbox (BMP6) so that a maximum number of customers can benefit from the lowest possible fuel consumption.

Available at the time of launch with a combined fuel consumption of 4.4 liters/100 km for emissions of only 114 g/km, this 1.6 liter e-HDi FAP 508 will fall to below 110 g/km in the course of 2011, with a fuel consumption of 4.2 liters/100 km, due to the introduction of electronically controlled air intakes.

Source: Peugeot press

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