Peugeot Hoggar

From Peugeot press: Developed in Brazil for the Brazilian market, the Peugeot Hoggar is the first compact pickup developed in Brazil. The Hoggar completes the Brazilian 207 family range, already containing a wealth of hatchback versions, the SW, SW Escapade and the Passion notchback saloon. Peugeot Hoggar is the first model to use a "combined" platform, based on the chassis of the Brazilian 207 and that of the Partner.

The Hoggar is a well-balanced compact pick-up, with good interior space and the largest load space in its segment, with a volume of 1,151 litres, able to take a live load of 742 kg. The Hoggar was launched in Brazil on 15th May 2010 in three equipment levels and with two Flex Fuel engine options: 1.4 and 1.6. The Peugeot Hoggar pick-up also has the longest platform of the 207 family, over 653 mm in the hatchback version, 453 mm in the SW and 290 mm in the Passion notchback saloon. The tailgate is detachable, if necessary, to transport items that are longer than the trailer.

While it is the range entry model, the X-Line pick-up is equipped with the Flex 8V 1.4 (1,360 cc) engine, developing maximum power of 82hp when operating on alcohol and 80hp. on petrol, at 5,250 rpm. It is economic, with maximum torque of 12.85 mkg at 3,250 rpm, whatever fuel is used.

The next level up from the X-Line, the intermediate XR version, also equipped with a Flex 1.4 engine, has an extra touch of sportiness, starting with the front headlights set in a black mask that accentuates the model's feline look. The high-end version, the Escapade, is equipped with the Flex 1.6 (1,587 cc) engine which develops maximum power of 113hp on alcohol and 110hp. on petrol at 5,600 rpm, with 15.5 mkg maximum torque at 4000 rpm in alcohol mode.

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