Ford Thunderbird

From Ford press: The 1970 Thunderbird introduced new styling featuring a long hood treatment and a unique bumper/grille that made the bumper almost invisible.

Other exterior features included a new extruded-aluminum grille (the "poke-thru nose") flanked by dual headlights. A concealed radio antenna and hidden windshield wipers and cowl air vents provided a clean, "sweeping" line from the hood to the roof, and back-up lights were "concealed" in the center rear panel.

Ultra-luxurious appointments were on the inside. Included were a standard full-width front bench seat with individual bucket-style seat backs and a fold-down center armrest.

The powertrain for the 4,551-pound car was the 429 V-8 engine and Ford’s Select-Shift Cruise-O-Matic transmission.

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Ford Thunderbird