Opel Corsa

From Opel press: For January 2011, Opel’s successful Corsa gets a new wardrobe. The successful Color Line featuring special, sporty looking versions are enriched with a new optional two-stripe design with matching colored 17-inch wheels and exterior mirror caps. The successful Color Line Edition sports a black painted roof and high-gloss black 17-inch wheels and bright exterior colors. The 141 kW/192 hp OPC version continues to top the Corsa family and was also redesigned to match the rest of the new Corsa line-up. The Corsa comes in two distinct body styles: the coupé-like three-door and the family friendly five-door.

The line-up of the new Opel Corsa ranges from 65 hp to 192 hp. This powertrain family reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 13 percent while increasing engine power in most applications. Starting now, eco-friendly Start/Stop technology becomes a standard feature on the Corsa ecoFLEX powered by the 1.3 CDTI 70 kW/95 hp engine. Instead of idling at a traffic light, the engine stops when the driver engages the neutral gear and releases the clutch pedal. Press the clutch pedal restarts the engine; by eliminating idling time, engines consume less fuel, emit less greenhouse gases and, also, create less noise.

The 1.3 CDTI engine in the new Corsa ecoFLEX 70 kW/95 hp uses a turbocharger with variable geometry and delivers up to a plentiful 190 Nm of torque between 1,750 and 3,250 rpm. The 1.3 CDTI features closed loop combustion control, which uses pressure sensors in each glow plug to continuously measure combustion quality inside the cylinder. The engine management system then makes minute adjustments to optimize performance and fuel consumption throughout the engine’s life cycle.

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