Opel Meriva

From Opel press: On sale since June 2010, Opel’s 2011 Meriva was awarded the Golden Steering Wheel 2010 and shortlisted for Car of the Year 2011.

Meriva opens up a new dimension in rear seat access with its unique rear-hinged rear doors. The FlexDoors are full-sized and open independently from the front doors, thanks to the use of a safe and robust B-pillar that ensures enhanced stiffness and passive safety. FlexDoors can open up to 84 degrees – much wider than the usual 67 degrees of conventional doors.

The new Meriva’s powertrain line-up is focused on efficient performance that underscores Opel’s strategy of down-sizing and turbo-charging to deliver real world fuel economy on a car with a comfortable and balanced ride. It ranges from 55 kW/75 hp to 103 kW/140 hp. All engines comply with the Euro 5 emissions standards. Three gasoline and five diesel engines are offered.

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