Noble M12 GTO 3R

From Noble press: The 2003 Noble M12 GTO 3R is visually identified by its faired-in twin bi-xenon headlights and Noble-designed ten-spoke alloy wheels. The 2968cc, twin-turbocharged V6 used in both Noble models is transversely mounted in front of the rear axle, directly behind the cabin. It features four valves per cylinder and double overhead cams to each bank of cylinders. The all-alloy engine is heavily modified from standard, with many bespoke components fitted during build. It produces 352bhp (357PS) at 6200rpm, and is redlined at 7200rpm. 

On the road, 350lb ft (475Nm) of torque produced between 3500 and 5000rpm makes the car immensely flexible and easy to drive. Even at 3000rpm, the engine is producing 80 per cent of its available torque. There’s also very little lag from the twin Garret T25, water-cooled turbochargers, meaning a particularly linear response throughout the rev-range. The turbochargers run a maximum 0.7 bar of boost and are equipped with an air to air intercooler, centrally mounted at the rear of the car.

A completely new design of exhaust for the 3.0-litre engine gives you the choice of enjoying the sporty engine note under hard acceleration, or savouring the V6’s inherent refinement at cruising speeds.

There are few cars in the world that accelerate as quickly as the Noble M12 GTO-3 and the Noble M12 GTO-3R. Not only do they both have massive traction off the line, thanks to their mid-engine design, but they also have potent levels of torque from low down in the engine’s rev-range. This means that there is practically no ‘lag’ before the turbochargers start working, making the Noble a particularly effortless and easy car to drive fast.

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