Noble M15

From Noble press: The mid-mounted twin-turbocharged V6 used in the M15 is the most powerful engine ever fitted to a road going Noble and has been developed over 7 years and millions of testing miles.

A sublime combination of low-end drivability and top end power, the latest version of Noble's engine delivers 455lb ft of torque at 4850 rpm and 455bhp at 6800rpm. 96 per cent of this power is available from 5200rpm, making the M15 an effortlessly quick car.

On road performance is everything you would expect from a company that already produces one of the fastest accelerating production cars in the world. The leap from 0-60 mph arrives in an incredible 3.3 seconds, from standstill to 100 mph takes less than 8 and this car will keep going all the way to 185mph.
The M15 scores big over other models with its effortless acceleration beyond 130mph, improved significantly due to a cleaner body shape and more efficient intercooler and turbocharger performance.

The drivetrain is installed longitudinally for the first time in a Noble, increasing cooling and turbo performance dramatically Weight distribution has also improved over the existing model to 42:58 per cent, front: rear, due to the engine and gearbox assembly being moved forward by 300mm.

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