Noble M600

From Noble press: The ethos of the Noble M600 has developed from a small team passionate about driving. This evolved from our research of the available "supercars" most of which lean heavily on computer assistance. The use of fashionable but often inefficient gear paddle shift, over assisted brakes and inopportune traction control have all become standard features of the modern day supercar. The development of the M600 has been an incredibly intense and rewarding journey, a journey in its literal sense.

Designed and engineered with a purity that rewards driver skill, the M600 is neither dictated to nor hindered by unnecessary computer assistance. It puts you back in the driving seat. Put simply the Noble M600 is for those of us who love to drive.

The M600 has a massive 650 hp available, this amount of power, or indeed the power delivery, is not always either appropriate or required, however with the Adaptable Performance Control function you can select the power output to reflect both the location and suitable driving conditions.

Gallery: Noble M600