Nissan Pivo Concept

The Pivo concept car examines the potential of future electric vehicles. The Pivo's most distinctive feature is its cabin that revolves 360 degrees, eliminating the need to reverse. A compact body also makes the car exceptionally easy to maneuver. Excellent visibility is enhanced by Nissan's Around View technology, which helps reduce dangerous blind spots. The navigation and audio systems are simple to operate while driving. These features are supported by Nissan's innovative environment-friendly technologies such as the Compact Lithium-ion Battery. Pivo promises to turn dreams into reality.

Outstanding maneuverability: Pivo is ideal for urban driving. It can easily pass oncoming traffic even on the narrowest streets and is a cinch to park in the tightest of spots. Pivo seats three passengers comfortably despite an overall length of just 2,700 mm. The driver sits front and center while two passengers sit side-by-side in the rear. Tall, electrically-powered sliding doors make it easy to get in and out without hitting your head.

Source: Nissan press

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