Nissan Bevel Concept

The Nissan Bevel Concept is a dynamic, multi-purpose vehicle – one designed to enhance every activity, every opportunity. But unlike currently available multi-activity vehicles such as SUVs and minivans, which emphasize passenger needs and comfort, the advanced Bevel Concept’s focus is placed strictly on the primary user – male empty-nesters actively engaged in hobbies, recreation and community service

Conceived at Nissan Design America, Inc. (NDA) in La Jolla, California, in collaboration with Nissan advanced product planning groups in the United States, the Bevel Concept is an exploration of the future of the sport utility vehicle, going far beyond the current stereotypes.

Bevel offers unique, function-inspired asymmetrical styling, a high-utility three-zone interior and innovative technology ranging from glass roof-mounted solar panels to drive-by-wire steering, throttle and braking.

Source: Nissan press

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Nissan Bevel Concept