Ford Five Hundred

From Ford press: The all-new 2005 Ford Five Hundred reinvents the family car by marrying the body of a contemporary sedan to an all-new vehicle architecture. The unique combination results in an upscale four-door midsize sedan. It is expected to attract customers who appreciate the upright Command Seating™, flexible storage space and all-wheel-drive capability of an SUV, but who want the comfort and drivability of a sedan. It seats five.
Five Hundred is available in three levels of comfort: the value-leading SE, the midlevel SEL and the top-of-the-line Limited.
Ford Five Hundred is built in Chicago, Ill.

Five Hundred combines technology under the hood to create a dynamic driving experience. An improved 3.0-liter Duratec 30 V-6 engine works in concert with its continuously variable transmission (CVT) or six-speed automatic transmission to optimize both performance and fuel economy.

The CVT is standard on all-wheel-drive and some front-drive versions of the Five Hundred. It uses two variable-size pulleys – one for input from the engine, the other for output to the drive wheels – connected by a steel link belt. It varies the effective sizes of the two pulleys to meet the driving demands of the moment. Electronic powertrain controls, including a sensor on the electronic throttle, constantly monitor the demand for power.

When more torque is needed for acceleration or maintaining speed up a steep hill, the transmission seamlessly responds by creating the right drive ratio from an infinite number of possibilities, allowing the Duratec 30 engine to operate at optimum performance.

Both transmissions offer wide spans from the lowest to the highest drive ratios. That translates into strong off-the-line acceleration, as well as high fuel efficiency on the highway.

Ford Five Hundred