Nissan X-Trail

From Nissan press: Nissan's SUV X-TRAIL has just benefitted from a series of extensive updates to maintain its position in the SUV segment as one of the few, versatile and agile four-wheel drive vehicles on the European market.
Already well regarded for its durability, comfort, practicality and convenience, the changes refresh X-TRAIL's exterior styling; improve the interior perceived quality and functionality, as well as mechanical and aerodynamic changes. These revisions contribute to X-TRAIL's improved economy and CO2 output.

Under the X-TRAIL's skin, significant updates to the diesel version have resulted in improved fuel consumption, reduced emissions and Euro 5 compliance. A key innovation is the addition of an extra injector port, taking the total number to seven, while the piston bowl has been adapted for the new injector configuration.
The manual gearbox has revised ratios for a better compromise between acceleration, fuel economy and emissions, while the automatic gearbox has been modified for reduced friction. An additional feature is the gearchange indicator function in the drive computer screen, showing drivers when to change gear for optimised economy.
Thanks to optimised underbody aerodynamics, X-TRAIL's Cd is reduced from 0.36 to 0.35, and the adoption of low rolling resistance tyres, the X-TRAIL's environmental impact has been lessened, with significant improvements in C02 output and fuel consumption.

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