Ford Verve 5-door Concept

Ford is revealed more about its vision for a new global small car family at Auto Guangzhou. Ford revealed the second Verve Concept - a four-door notchback.

The dynamic Ford Verve 5-door Concept notchback is a star of the fifth annual Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition. The fact that Ford staged the global reveal of the four-door Ford Verve Concept at Guangzhou signals the importance of Asia in Ford's global plans.

Sporty and coupe-like, the Verve Concept notchback provides a very clear vision about Ford's future small car design direction. The three-door hatchback Ford Verve Concept was a star of the recent Frankfurt Motor Show in Europe, and it too is also under the spotlights at Guangzhou.

Ford will unveil the third and last Verve Concept in January at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

"With this new Ford Verve 5-door Concept, the picture of Ford's big plans for the small-car segment is becoming clearer," said Phil Spender, Chief Operation Officer of Ford Motor (China) Ltd. "Our future small car is being developed as a global car. It will be designed in Europe, engineered in Germany and manufactured globally. These two Verve Concepts demonstrate how confident Ford is in its direction and its appeal to consumers here in China."

Ford's European design team created the Verve Concepts, which successfully apply Ford's kinetic design philosophy for the first time to a small car. The two Verve Concepts clearly display a European flair and premium touches not expected in this segment.

Ford designers, buoyed by the enthusiastic reaction in Europe to the first Verve Concept, will be carefully studying reactions to the new notchback by Chinese consumers.

Ford European design chief Smith said, "These Verve Concepts are a dynamic first public expression directionally of some of the thinking that will be contributing to the design DNA of our next-generation products. At this stage, we have had the freedom to be radically innovative, but I'm confident about the realistic possibilities for kinetic design to embrace this segment of vehicles."

The latest Verve Concept builds on the very distinctive look of its hatchback sibling. These two concept vehicles share strong front-end graphics that, with the advent of the new Mondeo, are now becoming recognized as the bold, new face of Ford.

The notchback body form of the new concept family is linked with the hatchback through the use of form language composed of dynamic lines and full surfaces - the signature of kinetic design.

The interior of the Verve Concept family is as dramatic as is its exterior. From boldly shaped surfaces and confident use of rich colors and enticing materials, the Ford Verve Concept has a playful sense of sophistication and fashion. It also pioneers new technologies that someday may be a production reality.

As Ford designers explored the possibilities for a future Ford small car, the wide latitude they were given helped them focus on applying the tenets of kinetic design to the interior. The result is a Verve Concept which explores a completely new direction for small cars. The architecture of the instrument panel with sensuous curves and full shapes make a typical, upright centre stack design seem distinctly old fashioned.

"This is a quantum leap in bringing kinetic design into interior design," said Niko Vidakovic, Chief Interior Designer, Ford of Europe. "This type of visual innovation, linking the form language of the interior so strongly with the exterior, is something we believe no other company is doing."

Prominent, full forms characterizes the upper instrument panel, created by the hands of Ford interior designer Tiago Diaz and supervisor Ernst Reim. Full surfaces and flowing contours on interior elements - especially the instrument panel and door panels - visually echo the exterior's kinetic design. These elements combine to envelop the vehicle's occupants and to contrast with the airiness provided by the panoramic glass roof.

Source: Ford press

Ford Verve 5-door Concept