Ford Start Concept

From Ford press: The overall design philosophy for the Ford Start Concept was one of making music, not noise. It started with studying the key attributes that contribute to an endearing quality which modern small cars rarely deliver. The design team brought some inspirational vehicles into the studio to study the attributes that draw people to them, including an original Porsche 356 Speedster and an Alfa Romeo Zagato SZ.

With early sports cars and transportation in general, simplicity and purpose often was the key. Proportions, stance, silhouette, efficiency and a singular focus on what is really necessary for the driver were priorities – without sacrificing the fun and freedom that driving brought.

Just how far can you take the basic idea of transportation and simplicity and still deliver an aspirational automobile designed for urban transportation in emerging markets? For the global design team at the Ford Strategic Concepts Group in Irvine, Calif., it began with taking a step back, reflecting on the complexity and noise in the world around us.

Ford Start is equipped with Ford EcoBoost engine technology to maximise power and fuel efficiency from a future production 1.0-litre, three-cylinder engine.

Consistent with Ford’s long-range goals to provide more power though sophisticated turbocharging and spark-ignited, direct-injection fuel management systems, the petrol 1.0-litre Ford EcoBoost engine delivers power and torque comparable to a normally aspirated 1.6-litre I4 powerplant. It is expected to have CO2 emissions under the 100 g/km threshold.

This engine is coupled with a five-speed manual transmission which permits gear spacing to deliver performance without sacrificing fuel economy. The transmission easily handles the higher torque levels of the 1.0-litre Ford EcoBoost engine and together with the sporty handling of the Ford Start Concept, delivers the fun-to-drive characteristics that are at the core of the Ford brand DNA.

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