Fisker Tramonto

From Fisker press: The Fisker Coachbuild 2006 Tramonto is a sculpted statement of exotic open-air motoring. Beneath the skin, the engineering excellence of what its base architecture once was – a Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG – remains. The vast array of Mercedes-Benz’ finest technological innovations, from the power retractable hardtop to Active Body Control (ABC), remains untouched, as do safety systems, including crumple zones and airbags.

At the same time, the Tramonto has become something much more, and the differences go beyond what meets the eye. How far beyond is up to you: engine, brake and exhaust-system upgrades are available – as are 0-60 times of 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 202 mph. At the touch of a button on the console or the remote locking device, the power-retractable hardtop transforms the two-seat Tramonto from a coupe to roadster in just 16 seconds. And even with the hardtop retracted, the trunk is still spacious enough for two golf bags.

The stance is wide. Low. Ground hugging. The lines flow smoothly from start to finish –unbroken in the signature Fisker style. The overall look conveys movement, speed and power, whether the power-retractable hardtop is secured for foul-weather driving or stowed for open-air motoring. Compared to its original platform, the Tramonto is reproportioned with a slimmer, ultra-modern back end, a longer looking hood line with a pronounced power dome, and no visual bumpers. It is poised, balanced, sculptured…and exotic. From any angle, the message is uncompromisingly beautiful. Unmistakably Fisker.

Look closely – because the closer you get, the more precise the Tramonto becomes. Gaps between body panels are tight and uniform. Aluminum and carbon fiber – materials that befit an exotic sports car – make up the body panels. Steel is used judiciously, to enhance structural rigidity.

Performance Pulse : Fisker coachbuild has teamed with Kleemann, the world’s leader in Kompressor (Supercharger) technology for Mercedes-Benz, to create the Fisker/Kleemann 610-HP Supercharged V8. The performance starts with a custom-made ECU program, redesigned pulley wheel and Super Sport Camshafts, to maximize engine output. Enlarged stainless steel tubular exhaust headers, down pipes and 70 mm dual exhaust system allow for freer breathing…a system which is further enhanced with Kleemann 120 cell metal catalysts for maximum performance gain.

To thoroughly enjoy the power and performance of the Tramonto, a class-leading suspension and braking system are absolutely essential. The independent suspension is 4-link in the front,
5-arm multilink in the rear, and is optimized with an AMG-enhanced version of Active Body Control (ABC) that continually adjusts each wheel in response to road conditions and driving style.

Electronic Stability Control (ESP) imparts even greater levels of handling confidence. Rack-and-pinion steering features vehicle-speed sensitive power assist with integrated hydraulic damper. Stopping power is provided by standard AMG enhanced 4-circuit electro hydraulic brakes, or by the Kleemann high-performance brake system as part of the Fisker Performance Plus Package. The Kleemann system represents a major advance in brake technology, setting new standards for response, fade resistance, stability and long-term endurance. Massive disc pads provide nearly 85% greater area compared to other high-performance pads, and an innovative design allows for very high and consistent friction coefficients during deceleration, regardless of weather.

The Kleemann high-performance brake system is fully compatible with Mercedes-Benz Sensotronic Brake Control, Anti-lock Braking System and Brake Assist.

Interior design is as crucial as the exterior – after all, it is here that the driver and car become one. To bring the Fisker Coachbuild design to life, we have teamed with Distinctive Industries, the American-based leather interior experts. All seat and fascia surfaces are expertly hand trimmed and hand stitched, in a selection of super-premium, soft yet durable Italian leathers. Milled aluminum highlights the center stack, where every Tramonto is individually numbered, 1 through 150. Aluminum details accent the switchgear and join with leather to form the
Fisker logo bars on the gear shift knob. The multifunction steering wheel is a Fisker original, with built-in sound system controls. Thoughtful, functional touches include improved cell phone storage and analog timepiece. Fisker Tramonto shown with Sand and Raised Sand leather interior.

Fisker Tramonto