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Fiat Idea's new design, developed in Brazil by the Centro Estilo Fiat [Fiat Style Center] for Latin America, gives the model a more sophisticated tone, with matching lines and with well defined planes limited by grooves. At the rear, new LED tail lights - Fiat Idea is the first national automobile to offer this technology. They accentuate the model's strong identity, endowing it a unique look.

The new Idea's interior offers even more driving comfort, first class finish and generous and very well-used space. With flat back floor and three seats defined with headrests, it transports five people comfortably.

The new Fiat Idea now offers the new family of E.torQ engines, 1.6 16V and 1.8 16V, developed by the engineering department of FPT - Powertrain Technologies. Flex-fuel (runs at any mix of ethanol and gasoline) and with 16 valves, these cutting-edge engines bring together performance, economy and low emission and noise level, besides reliability and durability. The new lines of the new Fiat Idea emphasize even more its strong personality. Its new outlines were totally developed by Fiat Style Center for Latin America and included accentuated changes both in front and at the rear, turning the model even more avant-garde, dynamic and elegant, with stronger spice of sportiveness.

At the foreside, hood, bumper and front grill are new, leaving a more rounded and imposing front part. The hood became sharper, with curved planes and well defined grooves. The bumper is more seductive and robust and, at the same time, the grill was sharpened. These elements give the new Fiat Idea an elegant atmosphere.

What calls more attention are the new dual parabola polyelliptical projector headlights, which offer better light distribution and excellent homogeneity. They became larger and more tilted, with shape similar to that of an inclined triangle with round corners. Its design, rich in details, which are also emphasized by the contrast of textures and with new colors especially created for each version, reinforces the aura of vigor of the new Fiat Idea.

Great modifications were carried out at the rear end of the Fiat Idea. The trunk lid - with integrated airfoil - and the rear window are new and they fit perfectly into the model's look, with more dynamic lines and more well-defined surfaces. The rear bumper, which bears the vehicle's embedded license plate, follows the shape of the front end. Harmonized with the automobile's lines, it passes robustness and modernity to Fiat Idea.

The interior also received attention and novelties. The front seats are more attractive, making even easier for the driver to find the best driving position. The seat upholstery can be in leather, may have central armrest, aside from the possibility of adding a small table at the back of the front passenger seat. The seats also gained new differentiated textiles for each version and adoption of the embossed technology, which applies relief shapes and designs, which enrich them even more. The new structure of the seat also has a new height regulation. With a 20 mm larger course, it improves even further the model's good ergonomics. The steering wheel, likewise, is new. It modern design, with a touch of sportiveness, provides both driving comfort and beauty as well.

The new Fiat Idea arrives into the market with its totally updated range. The concept behind the modifications is to offer choice to Fiat customer, such that he may find the version that suits best his needs - whether in terms of price, engine configuration, level of finish or equipment.

The entry version of the new range has the same characteristics and qualities as the current ELX 1.4 version. Beside the attractive price, it brings a good level of standard items. Among them, hydraulic steering, electric front windows, electric locks, on board computer, steering wheel and driver's seat with height regulation, Follow me home, three headrests at the rear seat, rear seat split, electric control for opening of baggage compartment, ceiling console, LED tail lights, external rearview mirrors with direction indicator lights, spoiler, front and rear reading lights and Swiss type key with remote control.

Source: Fiat press

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