Ferrari 575 GTC

From Ferrari press: The 575 GTC is aimed at private teams participating in the FIA GT championship and will make its debut at the end of the 2003 season. It will also appear in other Granturismo series like the American IMSA and GrandAm series. The `C´ in the name stands for `competizione ´.

The 575 GTC is the racing version of the 575M Maranello. In order to cope with the demands of the track, it is equipped with even more technological advances than the superb road version .

The displacement of the 65° V12 has been increased to 5,997cc with a maximum power output of close to 605 bhp, and the car boasts a sequential shift. The track has been widened, the brakes increased in size and, thanks to the use of composite materials, the body has been lightened. The tubular steel chassis features boxed sections and the all-round wishbone suspension features adjustable antidive geometry.

The car has a split rear wing with a nolder. This set up is the fruit of extensive aerodynamic research in the wind tunnel, something that was also carried out for the adjustable front spoiler and the undertray with its rear extractor.

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