Elfin Clubman MS8

From Elfin Press: Track inspired, the MS8 Clubman is the modern incarnation of the original theme which was first conceived by Elfin founder Garrie Cooper in 1961.

The open-wheel design and classic body styling immediately takes you to the track where the Clubman’s phenomenal power to weight equation speaks for itself. The drive line is complemented by exceptional chassis dynamics and handling which further cements the Clubman’s race heritage.

For either road or track applications, the new generation MS8 Clubman is a purebred sports machine designed to thrill. Powered by an all alloy GM sourced LS1 5.7 litre V8 engine. Power is available from 245 kW to higher levels for track application. Torque from 465 Nm in standard trim to 750 Nm as required. This results in an incredible 3.7kg per kW power-to-weight ratio in standard configuration.

Tremec T56 MM6 Heavy duty 6 speed gear box – competition specification packages are available. Specifically designed heavy duty - single piece propshaft. Power is transmitted through a GM 3.46 ratio limited slip differential – motor sport LSD unit is available as an option.

Gallery: Elfin Clubman MS8