Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet

From Mercedes-Benz press: The all-new, all-season E-Class Cabriolets. It’s almost a shame the triple‐layer soft top of a new E‐Class Cabriolet is so finely tailored, as it’s destined to spend most of its time nestled under its sculpted cover. Mercedes‐Benz has once again reinvented open‐air motoring, with innovations that virtually eliminate drafts in the cabin, even for rear‐seat passengers, and countless ways to enhance the in‐car environment so that even a brisk evening feels more like a sunny day.

Beyond the sun‐sensing dual‐zone climate control, there are optional front seats that can warm you, keep you cooler, and even offer a virtual scarf so you can enjoy driving with the top down longer into the evening or the change of seasons. When rain or winter finally arrive, the insulated soft top powers up in seconds to ensconce you in a stylish haven of quiet comfort.

Sound-dampening soft top. Exquisitely crafted from three layers totalling nearly a full inch in thickness, the rich fabric power soft top is designed to provide a coupe‐like level of silence in the cabin. In just 20 seconds, it stows away while preserving a generous 8.8 cu ft of trunk space.

AIRCAP. Standard on every 2011 E‐Class Cabriolet is an exclusive innovation that virtually eliminates drafts when you’re driving with the top down. A wind deflector rises from above the windshield, while a power‐operated see‐ through screen is raised between the rear head restraints.

Performance engineered to lead where other cars may someday go. Step on the accelerator in an E‐Class and an entire industry is propelled forward. Torque‐rich V‐6 and V‐8 engines generate a seemingly endless rush of thrust while exercising innovative measures to conserve fuel and reduce emissions. Advanced handling systems continually respond to changes in the road with instantaneous fine‐tuning of the suspension. Through it all, the first 7‐speed automatic transmission in its class adapts to your driving style with instant — and constant — enthusiasm.

V-6 and V-8 engines. E 350 Coupes and Cabriolets feature a smooth, strong 268‐hp V‐6, while a formidable 382‐hp 5.5‐liter V‐8 motivates the E 550 models. Both engines cleverly engage their alternators and power steering pumps only on demand, boosting efficiency.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet