Edo Competition Porsche 996 GT2 RS

From Edo press: New course record on the “Nordschleife“
Patrick Simon steered the edo competition-bolide with concentrated effort on the legendary “Nordschleife” . Under the scrutiny of the official time-referees of the magazine "Sportauto“ with their impressive time-recording-equipment. The Porsche crossed the first measuring point, level with grandstand 13, and went the 22 kilometers distance to hunt for the best time.

Simon achieved a lap, three seconds faster lap of the “Ring” than any previous driver. At the “Döttinger Höhe” he reached a top speed of 288 km/h. ”More is not possible because of the wing attitude”.
Directly after his hot lap the „Wiesbadener“ gave a sober account of the miracle time to the numerous spectators and journalists : "That is the best road car that I have ever driven so far . The car can perform even better and its true potential would have probably been demonstrated if it wasn’t driven on road tyres.“

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