Edo Competition Porsche Cayenne Turbo

From Edo press: edo competition" at top speed test in Nardo / Italy

How fast will he be? What maximum speeds can be achieved for the first time? To answer this question edo competition goes with the modified Porsche Cayenne Turbo to southern Italy, more precisely, on the maximum speed track in Nardo.

One lap is 12.6 km long and you can drive up to a speed of 240 km/h in an environment free of any lateral force.

But not only is the track unique in Europe but also the organizers, Continental in conjunction with AutoBild Sportscars, a great team setup for sportscars and has worked faultlessly. We would like to express our praise once again here.

We took a Porsche Cayenne turbo along.

The vehicle already ranked 1st the SUV class at the tuner grand Prix 2006.

The V8-Bi turbo engine was adapted and performance increased by us. An individually adapted exhaust system made of high-grade steel with a unique muffled sound completes the service package.

Developed to have assured constant control of the outstanding road performances any time for certain of the fast SUV edo competition together with crank angle of specially adjusted sports chassis, separated and independent of each other adjusted coordinated into a special compression and rebound setting.

Edo competition has always strictly ensure that all changes and respectively improved performances do not exceeded the tolerance limits of the engine parts of the standard production series and therefore damage is avoided. A powerful 620 hp at a maximum torque of 785 Nm at 4,300 U/min. achieve a maximum speed of 290 km/h engine output.

This speed was officially confirmed at the highspeed course of Nardo. With a measured speed of 287 km/h, our Performance kit has proved itself. An optimal result for repeatable, reliable and improved performance everyday.

We are pleased about this fine success and thank you once again, that we were allowed to take part in the Nardo Highspeed event and could give evidence of our performances.

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