Donkervoort D8

From Donkervoort press: Since 2003, the Donkervoort D8-range is powered by Audi’s famous 1.8T 20V E-gas engine. This engine has proven to be reliable, compact, light and it meets the strongest exhaust regulations. The power output varies from 150 and 180 bhp up to 210, 235 and even 270 bhp. These extremely powered engines in combination with its low weight guarantee a stunningly fast acceleration.

An ultra light but very stiff chassis and a specially developed wheel suspension give the car its tremendous road holding and make high cornering speeds possible. And…the D8 don’t have any modern electronic aids like ABS, ESP, ASR. Just the car, and you!

What makes a Donkervoort unique is that you can create it in the way you want it. You can choose the colour of the body and the colour of the interior. Do you want leather or alcantara? A carbon fibre dashboard? Or aluminium? A sport race or more touring suspension? Numerous possibilities to make the car that perfectly matches your identity. It’s unique…

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