Donkervoort D8 GT

Meet the first Donkervoort with a hard-top roof. A full-blooded GT with two personalities packaged in an exiting design. On the one hand, there is the purebred high-tech racer, designed from a passion for motor racing and built on the basis of 30 years experience on the European tracks. The car that you use to drive to the track in order to take part in the race and then drive home again afterwards, with the cup you won in the back. On the other hand, the personality of a stylish ‘Grand Tourer’ that takes you to your holiday destination with ease in just a couple of hours and conjures up the romantic feeling of the fast GTs of yesteryear. The D8 GT combines the best of both worlds in an elegant body, built and finished to perfection with outstanding workmanship by dedicated craftsmen. The semi gullwing doors provide spacious access to the interior and your luggage is put in through the raised hinged rear window.

The D8 GT has virtually all new technology compared to the open model of the D8. In particular, all necessary modifications have been made under the skin. The wheel suspension has been further adapted for even better handling characteristics, the track widened by no less than 8 centimeters, larger, special brakes were developed by the Italian firm Tarox for maximum speed reduction and it is fitted with 17 inch wide alloy wheels specially made for the D8 GT by the Japanese brand Rays. All these efforts have not been for nothing: weighing 650 kilos, the D8 GT is the world’s lightest GT. The use of carbon fibre has contributed greatly: the entire roof, the entire rear of the car as well as the doors and fenders are made of this high-tech material. It makes the D8 GT amazingly torque rigid and increases passive safety. Sets a new standard in ultra light super cars.

Source: Donkervoort press

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