Mazda Hakaze Concept

The Mazda Hakaze Concept, is a concept car that was revealed in early February 2007. Its major design elements come from a new design language developed by Mazda called Nagare, developed by Laurens van den Acker, Mazda Global Design Director. It translates to "flow". This element has been used on past Mazda concept cars such as: Mazda Nagare; Mazda Ryuga; Mazda Kabura.

It was designed to have the looks of a coupe, the functionality of a Crossover SUV or CUV, while having the driving capabilities of a roadster.

The car has no door handles, cameras in place of mirrors, lighting effects, scissor doors, and a partially removable roof.

Inside it has four bucket seats, making somewhat of a 2+2 format. There is a wrap-around center console. Everything inside can be adjusted to the driver's specific needs; once they are set the settings are stored in a Bluetooth card that the driver keeps possession of. When the driver activates the car using the card, all his/her personal preferences are automatically adjusted.

Source: Wikipedia, 2011

Mazda Hakaze Concept