Dodge Caliber SRT4

From Dodge press: Chrysler Group’s Street and Racing Technology (SRT) group takes the SRT4 reputation to new heights with the introduction of the all-new, 300-horsepower 2007 Dodge Caliber SRT4.

The all-new 2007 Dodge Caliber SRT4’s formula begins with the powertrain, essentially explained by four numbers: 85, 125, 300 and 260. The 85 is how much more horsepower is available compared with the original Dodge SRT4, which results in 125 horsepower per liter for a total of 300 horsepower (224 kW). The final number is 260, as in 260 lb.-ft.) of tire-smoking, push-back-in-your-seat torque. Those numbers add up to a 0-60-mph time of under 6 seconds.

The engine’s aluminum 2.4-liter block is specially machined for increased water and oil flow, and its aluminum cylinder head is equipped with unique high-temperature exhaust valves and variable valve timing for efficient combustion and flow.

Power goes to a six-speed manual transmission equipped with a limited-slip differential for uniform side-to-side power transfer, which is capable of handling up to 300 lb.-ft. (407 N•m) of torque.

The Electronic Stability Program is uniquely calibrated for the 2007 Dodge Caliber SRT4 to provide excellent directional stability in all driving modes. In addition, stability is enhanced with a ride height one-half inch lower than the standard 2007 Dodge Caliber.

The 2007 Dodge Caliber SRT4 benefits from braking-system components sourced from mid-size and larger cars. The anti-lock brake system was uniquely calibrated for the all-new 2007 Dodge Caliber SRT4’s performance to maintain directional stability without wheel lockup.

Dodge Caliber SRT4