Maserati Kubang GT Wagon Concept

From Maserati press: One year after its return to the North American market Maserati has also succeeded in reaffirming its leading role across the Atlantic in the segment reserved for prestige cars with a longstanding tradition.

And the Company's dynamism is immediately evident on the stand too: the Kubang concept car, a true GT Wagon in terms of performance and active safety engineering that unquestionably testifies to the Company's vision, even beyond the sports cars it traditionally builds. In fact this concept car combines the traditional sporting structure of Trident-marque cars with superb versatility and an absolutely new interior design. 

One special feature of the cars is the MSP (Maserati Stability Program) system, whereas today's Spyder has a glass rear window. As already announced, the Maserati range will be rounded out with the presentation of the new four-door model.

Gallery: Maserati Kubang GT Wagon Concept