Maserati GranSport Spyder

From Maserati press: The great success of the GranSport coupe due to the thrilling drive and excellent performance, spurred Maserati into offering its clients a sportier model. This version maintains the aggression and temperament of the original and combines it with the pleasures to be gained from open air driving. The sporty design of the new GranSport Spyder is emphasised, as in the coupé, from the front bumper. A pronounced spoiler hugs the bottom and the side under-door skirting harmonises the look of the car. This is completed by the 19" wheels inspired by the race cars that compete in the Trofeo Maserati. The interior is a blend of carbon, leather and BrighTex fabric and lend the cabin the feel of a racing car. Powering this particular model is a 4.200cc V8 that puts out 400bhp. The exhaust system gives off a full, deep sound.

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