Mansory Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR Renovatio

From Mansory press: MANSORY Renovatio, the ultimate makeover for the Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren Since 2004 McLaren has been producing the Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren in Woking in almost unaltered form.

MANSORY, the specialist in upgrading super sports cars and luxury limousines has now presented the gull wing racer at the Auto Salon 2008 in Geneva in a new design. Not only did the bodywork get a facelift, the engine was also given modified supercharging by means of MANSORY compressor technology. Ultralight forged wheels and a superlative automotive interior complete the allround renewal.

Fresh design in tried and tested quality - during the development of the MANSORY Renovatio great value was attached both to individual design as well as aerodynamic efficiency. To save weight MANSORY fashioned its body components out of carbon. The production car body is also made out of this extremely light and resilient material.

One component of the body kit is the front apron in dynamic sport design. It channels the air stream perfectly to the custom designed intercoolers of the performance kit and so ensures an extra helping of cooling air. The new side skirts constitute the optical link between the front and rear wheel arch extensions. These calm the airstream between the axles and create space for the outlets of the MANSORY side pipe exhaust system. The new rear apron with integrated diffuser takes care of additional downforce and puts the final touch to the sporting lines of the styling package.

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