Lotus Elise S

From Lotus press: Lotus is back with an entry level Elise that is set to propel the Hethel based sports car manufacturer further up the sales charts. The loss of the K series engine had temporarily created a hole in Lotus’ portfolio and its disappearance from the range was not good news for pure sportscar lovers right across the globe.

The challenge of ‘plugging the gap’ has now been spectacularly addressed with the launch of the new Lotus Elise S – a sub 6 second 0 - 60mph sportscar, available at a stunning sub £24K ‘on the road’ price.

Lotus has shoehorned in a high technology 1.8-litre 134 hp Variable Valve Timing Toyota engine, which perfectly complements the phenomenal handling characteristics of the Lotus Elise. This delivers a cracking new entry-level car, capable of taking you from 0 - 60 mph in just 5.8 grin-inducing seconds (0 - 100 km/h in 6.3 seconds) and onto a top speed of 128 mph (205 km/h), law permitting!

Add this to one of the lowest depreciation rates of any car in the market and the purchase of the new Elise S becomes one of the soundest retail propositions to be found. The Lotus Elise S is built around the revolutionary and award winning extruded and bonded aluminium chassis, with a lightweight steel rear subframe. The chassis itself weighs just 68 kg (150 lbs) and has a stiffness of 9,500 Nm per degree. The body design remains unchanged from the classic 190 hp Lotus Elise R – why change the
award-winning aerodynamic package and an elegant Lotus design just for the sake of it?

The car’s standard specification will also delight, as nothing has been removed from the car to
undermine the real value for money proposition afforded by Lotus’ new ‘firecracker’.
The full Lotus Elise option menu is also available on Elise S, with the exception of a limited slip
differential, ensuring the new car is easy to personalize to a customer’s individual requirements and preferences.

How does just 134 hp (100 kW, 136 PS) deliver such phenomenal performance? First of all, the maximum power output is achieved at near maximum revs (engine speed) of 6,200 rpm and maximum torque (a respectable 172 Nm, 127 lb.ft) is reached at 4,200 rpm. This gives a good combination of mid range pull but also encourages the driver to rev the engine to the maximum permitted engine speed of 6,800 rpm. A bright red LED “change-up light” tells the driver when to change gear, the point of illumination from the “red-line” variable and dependent on the gear selected.

Driving any Elise is an experience like no other – and the Elise S is no different. Few cars can match the delicacy and accuracy of the steering, throttle and brakes. Only a Lotus has the relatively soft springs and firm damping to give superb body control and a truly exhilarating ride. And only a Lotus can turn in such performance with such minimal environmental impact in terms of emissions and fuel consumption.

Gallery: Lotus Elise S