Dacia Sandero

From Dacia press: Dacia Sandero stands out as a modern hatch- back with appealing looks that convey both dynamism and robustness. The front features modern, expressive headlamps and a grille and bumper that blend harmoniously with the bodywork. Its lateral lines form an “upturned wave” and underpin the impression of solidity, thanks notably to the broad side protective strips (according to version). The rear styling reinforces the sense of a generously proportioned, spacious and well- built vehicle. Besides the notions of robustness and peace of mind were widely acclaimed during customer tests.

To enhance Dacia Sandero’s bold styling, an SUV kit will be available from launch in the majority of European countries. This kit includes front and rear spoilers, foglamp guards and side skirts to give the car authentic all-terrain looks.

The same resolve to appeal to customers and showcase its quality continues inside the car. The new dashboard has been thought through to be both modern and functional, while there is also the opportunity to combine different colours and surface finishes in several areas (according to version). The design of the door panels also contributes to the cabin's modern feel thanks to the smart handles and decorative trim strips (according to version).

To mark the upgrade in range, Dacia Sandero is available with three dashboard trims and coordinated upholsteries. Particular attention was paid to produce an uncluttered, practical driving environment, with easy-to-read instruments and controls which fall readily to hand.

Although Dacia Sandero's price positions it in the small car area of the market, its generous interior and exterior dimensions are in fact more in keeping with those of a vehicle from the next compact category up. Its unrivalled cabin space/price ratio has been made possible thanks to its length (4.02m), width (1.75m) and wheelbase (2.59m).

On the active safety front, particular attention has been paid to Dacia Sandero’s braking system which offers a degree of comfort, bite and progressive stopping power that is perfectly in keeping with the level expected of a B-segment car in Europe. Dacia Sandero can also be equipped with latest-generation Bosch 8.1 ABS which incorporates EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution) and, for the first time in the Dacia range, EBA (Emergency Brake Assist).

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