Citroen C1 5-door

The Citroën C1 is a city car produced since 2005.

The C1 was developed as part of the B-Zero project by PSA Peugeot Citroën in a joint-venture with Toyota. The Peugeot 107 is identical to the C1 other than the front bumper and front and rear lights, while the Toyota Aygo is slightly more differentiated but still obviously similar. All of them are built at the new facilities of the TPCA joint-venture (Toyota Peugeot Citroën Automobile) in the city of Kolín, Czech Republic. The project was presented for the first time at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show. The cars are 4-seater, 3 or 5-door hatchbacks measuring 3.40 metres (133.9 in) in length. The body was designed by Donato Coco.

A notable feature of the 5-door C1 and 107, though not the Aygo, is the large tail light cluster, which extends from the edge of the rear doors to the rear window, meaning there is no external metal "C-pillar".

The C1 is powered by a 1.0 L 3-cylinder engine, which has a fuel economy of 61.4 mpg. A 1.4 L 4-cylinder HDI diesel engine which has a fuel economy of 68.9 mpg is also available.

Source: Wikipedia, 2011

Citroen C1 5-door