Citroen C-Crosser

From Citroen press:  With its four-wheel drive transmission featuring a mode selection system, and its fine-tuned running gear and high-performance brakes, the C-Crosser boasts dynamic and efficient road behaviour while offering passengers excellent comfort.

The C-Crosser’s 160 bhp DIN (156 bhp EEC) HDi diesel engine boosts driving pleasure with its adapted power and generous torque. Equipped with a particulate filter (DPFS), it emits less than 200 g/km of CO2 (191 g/km with 16-inch wheels and 194 g/km with 18-inch wheels).

The C-Crosser is equally versatile inside. It is easy and practical to use and adapts to all situations with its practical 5 + 2 seat arrangement, power-folding row 2, numerous stowage compartments and large loading volume.

The C-Crosser’s handsome lines immediately suggest strength and vitality and, by their elegance, lend the newcomer distinction and appeal.

The C-Crosser is a new alternative in the luxury segment for people seeking driving pleasure and versatility along with the performance of a distinctive vehicle designed for freedom and adventure.

Citroen C-Crosser