Citroen C4 WRC HYmotion4 Concept

Citroën took the wraps off the Citroën C4 WRC HYmotion4 Concept at the 2008 Paris Motor Show. Its first WRC car to be equipped with a hybrid energy recovery system which delivers added performance and lower emissions.

This new concept car - which sports a split livery, with the team's familiar World Rally Championship colors on one side, and a design based on a more restful color scheme redolent of natural materials on the other - illustrates Citroën's stand on environmental matters, including in the world of motor sport which stands out as a source of performance-related, reliable and rational technological innovations.

The HYmotion4 system enables a proportion of the kinetic energy produced during braking to be recovered and stored. This energy is accumulated by a motor-generator in the form of electricity in battery packs positioned at the rear of the car. It can then be employed either to deliver extra power when accelerating or to drive the car using emission-free electrical power alone, with no engine noise or exhaust fumes.

This performance gain makes optimizing energy management a new parameter for rally drivers to master.

Citroën C4 WRC HYmotion4 fits perfectly with Citroën's long-term commitment to motor sport and its consequential environmental policy. This concept underpins the brand's policy to conceive very high performance cars which respect the environment and is the first step prior to other developments which will be guided by future evolutions to the FIA regulations.

Source: Citroen press

Citroen C4 WRC HYmotion4 Concept