Citroen DS Inside Concept

Citroën is reinventing itself. The Marque is transforming its image to place the emphasis on its creativity and ability to innovate. This process is illustrated by a new visual identity, a restyled logo, an evocative new slogan “Créative Technologie”, and new customer relations. At the same time, Citroën is announcing the launch of a new and distinctive line of products, the DS line, heralded by the concept car DS INSIDE.

The key characteristics of the DS line are: creativity, strong and emotional styling, quality in presentation and finish, driving sensations and functional qualities.

“DS INSIDE is a compact, elegant and refined3-door vehicle. Its flowing, sculpted lines convey an impression of smooth, dynamic performance. Every detail of the car reflects this approach to design: flowing design lines with an unexpected touch, like the shark fin that symbolises DS INSIDE.” Mark Lloyd, Range Manager, Citroën Styling.

Another attractive feature of DS INSIDE is its strong personality. The concept exists in two forms. An alluring version with dark brown bodywork and a metal-flecked roof. And a more non-conformist version of dandy elegance, featuring an eye-catching mix of colors: deep pearl grey with a mirror effect and bright glossy pink. This second bold version is presented for the first time at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show.

The first aim, initiated some years ago, is to continue renewing the vehicles at the core of the range, driving progress forward in all areas. In the same way as for the new C5, for example, a new C3 will one day replace the existing C3 and restate the same ambitions.

Customers are looking for cars that deliver more sheer enjoyment, in terms of both styling and driving sensations, cars that are more sophisticated but that also meet day-to-day requirements with appropriate functional qualities and a reasonable price tag. Citroën’s response: the new distinctive DS line and the concept car DS INSIDE, embodying a bold and innovative approach by the Marque.

The new line of products had to have an evocative name that would immediately be associated with Citroën. Logically, the brand turned to its heritage.

Looking beyond its huge renown, the DS name embodies the impudence of a truly French car, bold and non-conformist. In the way that it expresses design and sensuality, distinction and status, difference and sense, daring and savoir-faire, the DS is compliant with Citroën’s identity: a Different Spirit.

The DS name symbolises innovation and success, styling and technology. It is a powerful component of Citroën’s heritage. DS expresses a new approach to cars and a new way of looking at the future. A future inspired by a unique genetic code, passing on the genes of innovation and distinctive design. DS INSIDE is the Citroën experience viewed from the inside.

The future line of products will receive this specific name, together with a number indicating the size of the vehicle: DS3, DS4 and DS5.

The concept car DS INSIDE is an object of pleasure and appeal with styling that reflects creativity and emotion. The eye-catching lines suggest new driving sensations, generous space and comfort, and the highest standards of quality and finish. These design choices will be visible and applied across the entire new distinctive product line.

“This product line is all about desire, from beginning to end. The products sacrifice nothing in terms of driving sensations and enjoyment. And they make an attractive alternative to the increasingly unaffordable Premium products of the competition.” Olivier Henry, Head of New Product Positioning, Citroën.

An object of attraction, elegant and sensual, flowing, refined and dynamic, DS INSIDE is as if sculpted from a single piece, a car of smooth, full contours. The eye of the enthralled onlooker slides along the bodywork. The strong sleek sides reveal a body style that is both spirited and sculptural, with emotion lying just beneath the surface.

The color of the floating roof contrasts with that of the bodywork. Amidst this apparent tranquillity, a shark’s fin appears to emerge from the waistline. At the front, on either side of the impressive chrome-plated grille, LEDs light up the shark’s captivating gaze.

Sophistication and flowing design lines. Appeal and attraction. The genesis of a car designed to surprise and enthrall.

The concept car DS INSIDE surprises onlookers with its personality and its ability to adapt to all needs and all lifestyles. Like a chameleon, DS INSIDE can change its appearance.

Elegant and provocative, spirited and non-conformist. These are just a few of the words that we could use to describe the DS INSIDE concept car on show in Geneva. The mirror-effect bodywork in deep pearl grey and the bright glossy pink of the roof and rearview mirror housings makes a bold statement and adds the last – essential – touch of sophistication.

The fine flecks in the livery of this top model resemble the sheen of a precious pearl, while the contrasting colors express optimism and greedy vitality.

Every detail of DS INSIDE is designed to charm. The gleaming chrome trim of the headlamps, side blades and chevrons highlights the dynamic and natural elegance of the body style. The color-keyed 18-inch light alloy wheels, with their chrome trim and flecking reflect the detailed thought that went into DS INSIDE.

Source: Citroen press

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