Kickstarter project crowdfunding company's first factory.

We love cars and we love retro stuff. That’s why we also love Candylab - a crowdsourced company, born three years ago on Kickstarter, producing modern vintage wood toys. For those unfamiliar with the project, the moto of the firm says it all – “modernist design flair and roadside car culture, fused and distilled in wood toy form.”

After launching 12 models at first, Candylab is back with three new cars – the Land Boat, the Muscle Car, and the Boxy Leaf Spring Truck, and their creators want you to help them bring the toys to life. All three new models are made of wood and use rubber wheels – just like the previous models.

If you still can’t get the idea of Candylabs' toys, here’s how the guys behind the project explain it. It was born out of their desire to revive the “glamorous '60s American modernist vibe” and “carve it into awesome contemporary wood toy designs.” As simple as that.

To put that into a better context, Candylab is the absolute opposite of Amalgam’s super detailed, tailor made models, replicating every aspect of your own car’s specification. It’s like comparing an everyday cool toy with an attractive display and an ever present reminder of a much loved possession.

Back to the Candylab’s current Kickstarter project, it’s actually focused on raising funds for a manufacturing site, aside from launching the three new products, as well as some new accessories.. It has already reached its funding with more than $86,000 gathered 23 days before the deadline.


Source: Candylab via Kickstarter

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