It's not a car that forgives stupidity.

British supercar maker Ultima may be almost completely unknown, it but makes some of the fastest, most exciting cars on the planet. Indeed, the current Ultima Evolution, in 1,000 horsepower guise, could be the quickest road car on the planet, with a claimed 0-60 miles-per-hour of 2.3 seconds.

The Ultima GTR you see here was no slouch itself. Back in 2009, a 720 hp GTR set an unofficial lap record at the Top Gear track of 1 minute, 9.9 seconds, more than six seconds faster than the Ferrari FXX.

You need your wits about you behind the wheel of an Ultima. A fact that passed the Russian driver of this one by.

It seems he adds a bit too much throttle exiting the intersection which sends the GTR into a big slide. I can’t really work out what the driver does at that point, but it’s completely wrong, anyway. There’s no real attempt to counter-steer or brake; the car just skids across the road and mounts the kerb, slews across the grass and back onto the road, eventually coming to rest against the rear corner of a Jetta.

The Ultima looks like a race car, handles like a race car, goes like a race car and, if you get it even slightly wrong, bites like a race car. This guy found that out the hard way, and the result is a seriously busted up Ultima. One of probably very small handful in Russia.