He has quite a job to do at the young automaker.

Anders Warming, former design boss at Mini, is taking over styling duties at another brand that is attempting to revitalize a vintage name – Borgward. Warming doesn’t start the new gig until January 1, 2017.

Warming will also be Borgward’s first Board of Management Member for Design, and the roles will let him define the new firm’s aesthetics. It’s a position that the young automaker desperately needs. The company’s first concept, the BX-7 crossover, looks incredibly generic. In fact, the shape blends in far too easily with Audi and BMW CUVs. Later show cars aren’t much better, either. To get people’s attention, Warming must give future vehicles a unique style.

Warming spent the last 16 years as a designer for BMW Group. At one time, he was the leader of the BMW brand’s exterior styling team. He became responsible for Minis in 2010, and he helped shape the look of its current models.

"We regret his decision, but this is not dramatic since Borgward is not a direct competitor," a BMW spokesman told Automotive News Europe.

Borgward is still in the earliest phases of the rebirth. The company has headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, but all of the financing comes from China’s Foton Motor. The company intends for its first production vehicles to go on sale in China by the end of 2016.

Source: Automotive News Europe, Borgward

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