A performance version could use a tuned 3.3-liter biturbo V6

Kia’s long-rumored GT four-door coupe is inching closer to being a production reality, and it could be on the road as soon as 2017. As the flagship vehicle in the brand’s range, the South Korean automaker has big plans for the new sporty sedan.

According to Autocar, the production model would likely have a strong resemblance to 2011’s GT concept. Kia is keeping the look well hidden during testing, but touches from the concept's swoopy shape are visible, especially in the roofline. The name might change before introduction, though, because the brand already uses GT as a trim level for some current models.

Kia is engineering the GT to prioritize sporty handling regardless of the powertrain. In a potentially good sign for enthusiastic drivers, Albert Biermann, former BMW M division chief engineer, is leading the sedan’s development. “There is no point producing a rear-wheel-drive car unless you are going to take advantage of the benefits the layout brings,” he tells Autocar.

Standard versions of the GT would reportedly be available with a turbocharged four-cylinder with as much as 315 horsepower and a diesel engine. However, Biermann has plans for something a little hotter. “There will be a sporty version available and the performance level of that car is not far away from a pure sports car’s,” he tells Autocar. “It’s not a sports car, but it will perform in a very nice way.” Expect this range-topping model to use a tuned version of the 3.3-liter biturbo V6 that is already available in the Genesis G90 with 365 hp. The concept GT also used a biturbo V6 with the same displacement, but it made 395 hp.

Source: Autocar

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