Swiss businessman drives his 12C Spider 81,000 miles in 3 years.

The vast majority of supercar owners don’t actually use their supercars that much. We might like to think they're always out on a canyon road or a track, but the sad and slightly strange fact of the matter is that most supercars spend most of their lives hidden away in a garage.

But some supercar owners are different. Some use theirs as everyday transport. And why not? It cost a huge amount of money, so you may as well get as much use out of it as possible. But a Swiss businessman has taken that principle to the extreme, racking up 130,000 kilometers (81,000 miles) in his McLaren 12C Spider in just three years of ownership.

Urs Tschudin averages 27,000 miles a year driving around Europe visiting his customers - even in snow. He wanted a hardtop convertible that was comfortable, fast, fun, and relatively discreet, and the 12C Spider fit his bill perfectly.

Despite some early quality issues, McLaren’s are fundamentally pretty robust. Properly looked after, there’s no reason Herr Tschudin’s 12C shouldn’t go on a lot longer. Though the mileage will have a pretty severe effect on its value. And it will have cost a fortune in fuel and servicing. But he can clearly afford it. If I could I’d like to think I’d do exactly the same thing.

Incidentally, I once saw a Ferrari 599 GTB for sale that had done more than 120,000 miles. What’s the highest-mileage supercar you’ve seen?