It seems everyone will be okay after this bizarre incident.

Three people were taken to hospital last Saturday night after a driveshaft flew into the crowd at a truck demolition derby in Heber City, Utah.

The incident occurred when one of the trucks was pushed over onto its side and the driveshaft detached, launching into the crowd onto the far side of the arena, travelling at least 100 feet, and hitting three spectators in the grandstand.

According to local news outlet, two of the injured spectators were taken to Heber Valley Medical Center, having been treated on the scene by the on-event medics. One, Liam Duke, was hit in the foot, but only experienced some soreness. However, his mother, Sonya Duke, suffered a broken ankle and a deep cut on her leg for which she had to undergo surgery.

Liam said: “It was kind of chaotic because everyone just like rushed to us to see what happened. I was just in so much shock. I didn't know I was hit until like three seconds later.”

Another unnamed person was taken to Utah Valley Medical Center where they continue to recover from their injuries.

It isn’t clear why the driveshaft came off like it did. Heber City parks and recreation director Tom Donner said: “We have professional inspectors, mechanics that inspect these cars to make sure these cars are following the rules and that they are safe to be in the arena. It just is an unfortunate accident."

There have been suggestions a driveshaft retaining loop wasn’t in place - and not required by the rules - but that still doesn’t explain why it would catapult off so violently. The driver seems to have the power on, so maybe that contributed?

Watch the videos at the top (the incident occurs at about 1 minute 20 seconds) and below and decided for yourself. Be warned they're a tough watch and may contain NSFW language.





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