That's Australian dollars, obviously.

The second-generation NSX has arrived in the Land Down Under where it’s going to be sold with the Honda badge for a starting price of $420,000. Honda Australia Director, Mr. Stephen Collins, describes it as the “first hybrid supercar on Australian roads” and mentions it will be available at only five dealerships across the country. There’s only one NSX in Australia at the moment of writing, and it has already embarked upon a nation-wide tour to visit all five dealers until the middle of October to gauge customer interest.

Honda Australia will soon start accepting applications for people interested in buying the high-performance hybrid machine. That being said, some have already expressed their desire to buy the car and have contacted participating dealers to make deposits for the NSX after reading “positive reports about the Honda NSX in overseas publications.”

Buyers will get to pick from eight body paints, including three free-of-charge solid colors and three metallic ones that will each command an extra $1,500. The remaining two are “premium” hues developed using Andaro aerospace technology and available for a cool $10,000. The options list will be quite short because instead Honda Australia has decided to sell the 2017 NSX with most of the goodies offered as standard.

If you’re not a big fan of hybrids, NSX project boss Ted Klaus did admit recently in an interview a “more pure, simplified version” is a possibility, so maybe Honda/Acura will remove the electric stuff for a more focused edition of its supercar. There are also talks about a lightweight version and an open-top model, but we will have to wait and see whether these will actually become a reality.

Source: Honda Australia

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