A diesel GLC is also in the cards.

Mercedes-Benz is not giving up on the idea of launching a diesel version of the C-Class in the United States, but a new report says the launch will be delayed.

The C300d had been planned for a market debut in the U.S. for the first quarter of this year, but apparently it will take the company about a year longer to introduce the diesel vehicle. Currently, there’s no exact date of launch.

“The latest plan is sometime in 2017 (mid-2017 is a reasonable estimate, not firm), but this is certainly subject to change,” Rob Moran, a spokesman for Mercedes-Benz, told Automotive News in an email.

The main reason for the delay is the tighter U.S. regulations that came after Volkswagen’s Dieselgate and emissions violations. Same thing is happening with BMW’s diesel lineup that has to go through extra testing by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

In addition to the C300d sedan, Mercedes also plans to bring a diesel GLC stateside that will join the 2016 GLE300d, currently the only available diesel vehicle from the brand on the market, and the 2017 GLS350d, also expected to arrive next year.

Currently, diesels account for only 1.2 percent of Mercedes’ sales in the country, according to Dietmar Exler, CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA.

Source: Automotive News

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