Thankfully, the heavily-modded Godzilla did not roll over.

Although the attached footage may suggest otherwise, the Nissan GT-R belonging to Team Insanity Racing did not roll over. You’d be tempted to say that it did, but in fact it’s the loose camera flying around the cabin, while the car is with all four of its wheels on the ground. An image of the aftermath shows the damages are not as extensive as you would expect following a crash that occurred at a very impressive velocity of 218 mph (350 kph).

The owner of the car says an aftermarket camber arm is to blame for the incident. It snapped during the high-speed run, damaging the suspension and consequently sending the car into a spin. The good news is the driver managed to escape without any injuries. As far as the car is concerned, it’s back in the shop for some TLC and will be back on the drag strip to try and hit 225 mph (362 kph).

With no less than 2,000 hp on tap, the Switzer Goliath X GT-R was one of the most powerful cars on the drag strip during the standing half-mile event. You’d think it’s the most insane GT-R of the R35 generation out there, but AMS Performance has an even more hardcore custom Godzilla, managing to create a 2,500-hp monster which we can only imagine is an absolute rocket.