Chrysler 300C Concept

The 2003 Chrysler 300C Concept signaled the return of the 300 series to production, which would take place in 2004.

The striking new proportions of the Chrysler 300C sedan and wagon concepts were made possible by the decision to move the next generation of Chrysler brand sedans to rear-wheel drive. Used widely among premium and luxury brands, the rear-drive configuration gave company designers the freedom to create a design featuring a longer hood, shorter front and rear overhangs and overall more noble proportions, while maintaining an outstanding interior package.

With its entry into the rear-wheel drive market, the Chrysler brand reflects a new design philosophy and an entirely new look. From the front, a Chrysler 300C will not be mistaken for any other automobile on the road. The front grille design, featuring the elegant Chrysler winged emblem, is the "master mold" for all future Chrysler brand vehicles, providing a proud and instantly recognizable design cue. The grille is tall and bold and pays homage to the "letter series" cars, while the newly rendered Chrysler wings flow seamlessly into the grille header and contain the gold seal of the brand for unmistakable identity.

The Chrysler 300C's crisp, clean lines continue to the rear, with subtle yet elegant detail found in the tail lamps and the winged emblem. Chromed dual exhaust pipes announce the long-awaited return to HEMI® V-8 power and performance after more than 30 years for a Chrysler brand car.

Source: Chrysler press

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